There are various ways to place your order for templates and knives.  You can scan it, fax it, e-mail it, or send it by mail.  You can receive your template order in as little as 24 hrs and knife orders in as little as 48 hrs.

Step 1 – Send us the profileupload

Scan the profile

Take a thin slice of the moulding profile, scan it and e-mail it to us. This is the best and fastest way to order your templates or knives if you have a physical sample.  See our detailed scanning guide.

Provide a CAD drawing

If you have a CAD design already made, simply e-mail it to us.

Fax it

You can send us a detailed drawing of your profile (be sure to include all dimensions and specifications), or you can trace out the profile on a piece of paper (be sure to include the exact dimensions of the existing moulding).  Tracing the moulding is definitely sufficient for pricing purposes however a certain amount of accuracy and precision is lost when it comes to producing a template or knife.

Mail it

Cut a piece of your moulding about 8″ long (remember, we have to cut a slice off of it) and put it in the mail.  You will have to allow a few days for us to receive it.

Step 2 – Drawing and approval processupload

Once we receive your profile, we will prepare a detailed technical drawing, which we will send to you for your approval.  This process is done within 24 hrs.  If we receive your profile before 11:00 am, you will receive your technical drawing the same day.

Step 3 – Production and payment processupload

Once we receive your approval, payment will be processed via credit card and your templates or knives will be put into production.  This process is done within 24 hrs for template production and 48 hrs for knife production.  If we receive your approval before 11:00 am, templates will be shipped the same day and knives the next day.

Step 4 – Shippingupload

Once your template or knife order is complete, they will be shipped to you by the method of your choice.

Step 5 – Need your knives sharpened?upload

When your knives starting losing their edge, simply ship them back to us for re sharpening.  If we receive your knives before 11:00 am we will re sharpen and ship them back to you within 24 hrs.

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