Profile Scanning Instructions
Follow these simple steps to learn how to scan your moulding sample, ensuring that your template or knife order will receive the fastest delivery in the industry!

Step 1

Cut a thin slice of your moulding approximately 1/8″ thick.
Use a small brush to clean off any dust or fibres from the saw cut. It is important to have clean, crisp edges.

Step 2

Place the sample on the scanner bed (don’t worry if the sample is placed a little crooked on the glass) and close the cover.

Step 3

Enter your scanner program.  The following is an example of the steps using an HP Officejet J6400 All-In-One printer/scanner.

-Select “Scan Picture/Photo” .  Do not select “Scan Document”

Step 4

-In settings, select file type as “jpg”.  Do not select “PDF” as file type.

-Select “Scan” to start the scanning of your sample.

Step 5

-Once finished, inspect the scanned image.  We will see the exact same thing that you see, so make sure that the details are crisp and clear.

Step 6

-Rename your scan and make note of where it is saved (typically it will automatically be saved in Documents/My Scans), so that you will be able to easily identify and retrieve it.

Step 7

Finally, attach the scanned image to an e-mail and send it to us at

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