At ProfileXpress our specialty is making moulding profile templates, and beginning with a precision template is key to quality moulding production.

All profile templates are 4.73mm (3/16”) thick of oil based cast acrylic, providing a natural lubricant that is less aggressive on your tracing pin than steel templates, and has longer wear properties than plexiglass.

We incorporate an industry standard of 10mm (.394”) axial-constant system on our template design.  Please inform us if you would prefer another specific axial constant.

Each profile template is $40.

To order your templates simply do the following:

  1. Send, scan or fax us a sample and/or drawing stating the actual dimensions.
  2. A dimensioned CAD drawing will be sent to you for your approval. (1 revision only)
  3. Upon approval, we will produce the templates.
  4. Your profile templates will be shipped to you by next day delivery or other method of your choice.

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